TripleXero: Jordan Firari

Welcome to the Website

Welcome to the most amazing place on the Internet, the life works of Jordan Firari. This website actually doesn't have much of an exact purpose other than it being something that I've created and found enjoyable to do. It has a collection of links and examples of things I've done in the past such as making videos games, YouTube videos, or websites like this one. The website has recently gone through some remodeling (actually, two years ago almost, I got lazy and just got to fixing things), so some pages might not work or be missing things, so hold on if you are looking for something that isn't there yet.

Newest Website Design

This most recent design was built from the ground up with no references to different websites, reworkings of different websites, or a free template. I'm very proud of it and will be making changes as time goes on. If there is anything that you think would look neato or needs to be changed, you can post it in the Feedback section of the website.